Customer Testimonials for Competition Auto Sales

Carlotta A - ---- ---- ----

They have very nice and affordable vehicles they are good people. You will be very please to do business with them.

Holly B - ---- ---- ----

I recently made a trade on my '06 Honda Civic for an '03 Subaru Forester and am blow away with everything from my new vehicle to the customer service at Competition Auto Sales! My new Subaru has all leather interior, heated seats, a large sunroof, AND less mileage than my prior Honda. I know I ended up with the better deal! Needless to say, seriously awesome family and family-owned business. I will only refer my friends and family here for all repairs and trade ins. You would be crazy to go anywhere else!

Aditya - ---- ---- ----

Hi Jeff, I hope you are well. I've been meaning to write to you but just didn't get down to it because of work travel in the past two months. First, I want to let you know that the car's been running like a dream. Not a drop of oil has leaked since you worked on the engine and set things right. I had a small issue with the speed sensor but I managed to replace that on my own here. It was a relatively easy fix. But, the car runs and drives really well now and not a day goes by where I actually cant thank the stars for having you have worked on the car. I means a lot to have met someone who is just downright honest and straightforward...people like you are very very hard to come by these days. It means so much to me also because ever since I moved to the US, about a year and a half ago, I've just not met very many people I can trust. I can actually count them on the fingers of one hand. Not a day goes by where I cannot say thanks again because one is pretty much immobile in NW Arkansas without a car. And, with moving here, no credit history because I'm from another country and juggling finances, getting a new car was out of the question. That being said, getting conned with two pre-owned cars was also hard to stomach. I'm happy that I called you and that you agreed to repair my car because I was at pretty much the end of my tether and finances with regard to what I could invest in a car. But things are looking up now and I'm really happy with the car and not having to spend any more on it (fingers crossed). You can be sure that I will be coming by to you for the next car that I buy if it is going to be a pre-owned car. Again, I know that I've said this many times, but THANK YOU. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Please feel free to use any part of this email for your testimonials on your website if you wish to do so. I sure will make it a point to pop in and say hello if I ever am in or close to Tulsa. Warm regards, Aditya.

Kristen White - ---- ---- ----

I bought my vehicle from Jeff 2 years ago, and my roommate bought one from him 5 months ago. What a fantastic business. His character and integrity is remarkable. When I brought my financing into my credit union she said that the deal I was getting was fantastic and that she would have lent me even more because I had equity in the car. I asked her if that was too good to be true, and she said no, that Jeff must be one of the oldies but goody salesmen that knows how to buy good cars and make a profit and not be greedy. Jeff believes in making you a customer for life, that your family will buy from him for generations. I have sent over a dozen people to buy from him. Highly recommend!!

Blake Laney - ---- ---- ----

Jeff and his family did me a good Deal, he gave me my car before i entered a down payment. behind on payment. i Thank this man for his trust in me. i wish i just waited to save for the down payment.. He's a great guy. I would recommend them. Relationship, Customer-service, and convenience is great.

metrosquare - Happy Customer that bought a Hyundai Elantra

Excellent service and very helpful in finding a car to replace my Pontiac that slowly wore itself out driving across the state for school and to the east coast as well. Wasn t quite sure what brand of car i was looking for; I was hoping for another Pontiac since my previous car was relatively problem free to drive for 10 + years. Talked with Jeff and Dennis about what i was looking for, within a week or two I was the owner of a Hyundai Elantra. Very impressed with the service and the car.

Dr. Tom - Happy Customer that bought a Volkswagen GTI

I have known Jeff Skaggs, owner of Competition Auto Sales, for more than a year and have purchased two cars from him. Before purchasing the first one, a 2006 Subaru Forester, he helped me sell my Subaru Legacy. I also highly recommend his service work. The labor rates are approximately half those of most dealers and the technicians are factory certified. Work is also performed in a timely manner. In my experience, he takes care of any problems that might show up shortly after you buy a car from him more readily than most dealers. I also recommended Competition Auto Sales to a colleague and was very satisfied with the Hyundai Tiburon purchased for his daughter. My colleague was also very satisfied with both the purchase and work done on the car following his daughter's accident. Jeff knows cars and the auto market; he can find most any vehicle some one may want. I have found him straightforward, honest and easy to deal with. Unlike most dealers, he does not mark his prices thousands more than he paid for them. Like any dealer, he makes a profit but his prices are reasonable and fair. I expect to purchase another vehicle from him in the next month or two. tom

Happy Customer - Review left on Reviews

Great service, just told Jeff what I was looking for and he was able to find me a great reliable car in a short time frame. Had the car for about a year and a half now and had absolutely no problems what so ever. Will definitely go back when looking for another vehicle.

Happy Customer - Review left on Reviews

Wonderful dealer. Told him what I wanted and he found it. Plus I shopped everywhere, even OKC, and couldn't find a better price. This is actually the second car I've bought from them. I still have the first one and it's been running great for 8 years. No problems at all. Just needed a second car.

Anonymous - Purchased a Subaru Forester

I had a good experience with the folks at Competition. When I was on the lot the first time, they showed me the car that I had come to see without trying up sale me to the more expensive cars on the lot. They spent their time to talk with me about the vehicle and what they needed to do with it. Emails went back and forth to keep me in the loop while the vehicle was prepped. The 2nd test drive went great. Price was right on the money. There was not an over price and haggle down contest. We negotiated a few items and came to a good deal for both. Car was as promised when I picked it up and they even replaced the battery when the cold weather of Tulsa was to much for the battery. These folks were great to work with. I will be watching their website when I am in the market for another car.

Wanda June - Happy Service Department Customer Recommendation

My family has purchased several cars from Competition Auto Sales over the years. They have a great service department, which is much more reasonably priced than new car dealers. Repair work is always done in a timely fashion and is guaranteed by the owner. Their car prices have been impossible to beat -- and believe me, I have tried! Each purchase has been a breeze, with no problems. I highly recommend this dealer!!

Craig - Happy Customer from Oklahoma City

Great dealer! The owner's son even picked me up in OKC to purchase a car. The car was exactly as described to me on the phone and he even sent me additional photos.

Jones - Happy Customer from Tulsa

Best deals for your money at this Car lot. Jeff's car run better.

Sam - Happy Customer that bought a Toyota Solara

Our experience buying a car from Jeff was amazing! He keeps it simple, honest, no pressure, and the deals are about a thousand times better than what you'll find at the big lot dealers. I love my Toyota, and we can't thank you enough, Jeff!

Audrey - Happy Customer with auto repair service

Great Mechanic!!!

Stephen Davison - Happy repeat Customer that bought two cars

These people are wonderful. I told them what car I wanted and they found exactly what I was looking for. We bought 2 cars and my wife is ecstatic. She loves driving them and thinks I'm wonderful. I have been in there several times. I have never been pressured or been given any sales pitch. They are very knowledgeable about all kinds of cars. i can't say enough good things about them.

Vanessa Springwater - Happy Customer Feedback Review